In reverse chronological order:  

Klap - Convert YouTube videos to short viral clips with AI

ClipBase - A full-text search engine for audio & video clips

GitHunt - Get any developers email address

AutoPortrait - Create unique AI portraits of yourself

Zero - An AI in your terminal

Dynamite - Make your website editable like magic

Chunk - Go from idea to live web service in seconds

Snaplink - Generate dynamic social preview images from code

Zink - A micro-donation platform for online creators (Acquired)

Zigg - A geosocial network mobile app based on a map - A search engine for internet meme images

Typeful - A service to generate legal docs for startups

genetic-playground - A webapp to experiment with evolutionary computation principles.

Frank - A home assistant build with custom hardware.

my-FTP - A light, fast, and RFC 959 compliant FTP server written in C.